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What is CRPS?

What is CRPS?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic nerve pain where there is often a nerve injury but it has gone undiagnosed due to either the clinicians’ lack of understanding about peripheral nerve anatomy or due to the complexity of the peripheral nerve injuries that follows injury.

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Professional Resources

We are here to help provide you and your families with as many Professional Resources as possible for you and your families as you navigate CRPS journey. We all need support no matter how far along we are with this diagnosis. Consider us your family now too.

Community Relations

Community Relations

We are nothing without our community.  Our CRPS community is here for you and continues to be engaged in your health and wellness.


Romina Arena
Click the image above to listen to the song “Open Your Heart” that is officially licensed for the CRPS Warriors Foundation.

Singing for a Cure

Romina Arena is our official Entertainment Ambassador and represents the CRPS Warriors Foundation as she is fluent in 11 languages, she has a very successful past in helping charitable organizations and most importantly she is also a CRPS Warrior who is struggling with Neurological problems. To learn more about Romina please visit her website at the link below. We are excited to have Romina and her team join the CWF Family and bring her incredible music to our CRPS Warriors Community.  

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