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Our Team

Kaycee Smith

Kaycee Smith I’m Kaycee, born and raised in Florida, and I’m so glad to be a part of this team. My innate need to meld together all of my passions brings me to the CRPS Warriors team. A love for social media marketing and assisting with non-profit foundations drives me to work with foundations that […]

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Jane Agu

Agu Jane Chidinma My name is Agu Jane Chidinma. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria (the western part of Africa) but moved to Texas in 2023. I’m a Christian and a registered blood donor. I’m a volunteer extraordinaire. If it makes another person’s life easier, then I want to do it. I also enjoy taking

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Diane Camilo-Caceres

Diane Camilo-Caceres Hello! My name is Diane and I am a social media assistant for the CRPS Warriors Foundation! I love being able to use my passion for social media and graphic design in order to advocate for and bring people together. I decided to volunteer for the CRPS Warriors because of their remarkable story

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April Davenport

April Davenport April has been a warrior since she was 11 years old. In addition to working on the social media team at the foundation, April works at a national fashion brand as a designer. She is passionate about bringing awareness to CRPS, and helping make the world more accessible. Back to Our Team

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Sarah Huminicki

Sarah Huminicki Sarah Huminicki holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on business strategy and human resource management. In her professional career, she is a team builder and people leader who has extensive expertise in managing business operations teams and as a learning technologies consultant, analyst and systems expert. She is best

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Chelsea S

Chelsea Schafer Chelsea Alexandra Schafer has a Bachelor of Science in Health Education and a Master of Public Health in Applied Epidemiology from California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Currently, she is pursuing a certificate in Healthcare Epidemiology and Infection Prevention and Control at John’s Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health and in her final

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Jennifer Castellon

Jennifer Castellon Hello, my name is Jennifer Castellon. I am a momma of two beautiful boys and have a wonderful husband. I have worked with animals my entire life. I enjoy soccer and teaching my boys to enjoy the now.I was recently diagnosed with CRPS in 2021.I decided to join the CRPS Warriors to not

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Srujana M

Srujana Middepogu I Believe in Being Positive and smiling no matter what the situation is. One quote that inspired me is “There is light at the end of the Tunnel.” I am from India currently residing in United Kingdom. I completed my bachelor’s in dental surgery and practiced for one year as a dentist. I

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Rahmon C

Rahmon Chapoteau Throughout my life, I have had the incredible opportunity to travel to and live in various countries, including Taiwan, Bahrain, Turkey, Suriname, and Mainland China. These experiences have built my deep curiosity about different cultures and ignited a passion for exploration. This is what led me to getting a bachelor’s degree in Global

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Leigh Trimaldi

Leigh Trimaldi Leigh holds a doctorate in business administration with a focus on marketing, a master’s in law, and a bachelor’s in theatre management. She is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Energy Centered Hypno-Coach, Certified Spiritual Counselor & Psychology Empath, a Reiki Master / Teacher, Professional Energy Psychology Coach, Therapeutic Art Life Coach and a

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