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Deborah Jankowski

CEO and Founder Deborah Jankowski

Deborah Jankowski

I was born in California and currently reside in Riverside County. I am married to a wonderful man since 2012. I have a son Jacob who is my entire life, and an EMS cat named Tazor who is my little buddy.

I was first diagnosed with CRPS in February of 2015 which changed my life forever. Even though I now have full body CRPS, I still enjoy traveling, spending time with family and friends, football, cooking, and helping those in need when my CRPS allows me to.


I started the CRPS Warriors Foundation in May 2020 with my own funds to help those battling this illness get the resources and assistance they need to live with this disease. I love what I do and even though I can never work again, this foundation gives me the strength and support I need to move forward and live the best life I can.

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