Renew Your Spirit – June 19

Renew Your Spirit – June 19


If you are have been feeling listless, unfocused, blah and just missing the “joi de vivre” you once had, then this is the perfect workshop for you.

In this 2 hour immersion into Transformational Breath® you will discover the life changing power of your breath and walk away feeling

  • lighter,
  • more purposeful,
  • clear,
  • peaceful,
  • relaxed
  • renewed
  • rejuvenated
  • and energized

Expect to connect deeply with your soul and God/Source/The Universe to renew and lift your Spirits. You will breathe easier literally and figuratively after this workshop.

The workshop will include-

  • A full breath session.
  • A guided meditation.
  • Breath pattern analysis- learn what your breathing pattern reveals about you!
  • + More!

Ensure that you have a quiet space to attend, where you will be undisturbed for 2 hours. Ideally you should have somewhere you can lay down like your bed or couch.

Have plenty of pillows available, a blanket, water to drink, tissues and wear comfortable clothing.

Early Bird pricing through June 6th- $33 per person. After that $44 per person.

To get more information contact Mary O’Dwyer at 951-375-6425 or email

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Date: June 19, 2021
Duration: 1 Day