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Grace Hoang

Grace Hoang

Grace Hoang

My name is Grace Hoang. I originally hail from Portland, OR and San Jose, CA, but am currently living in Austin, TX. I graduated from Portland State University with a degree in biology but have found my place in the corporate world. I spend my free time with my partner, dog, and cat. I love cooking and food; the kitchen is my home within my home.

During my time volunteering at the Oregon Health & Science University, I became close with children suffering from chronic pain, including CRPS warriors. I am inspired tirelessly by these individuals and will continue to advocate as an ally for the voiceless.

I’m Sarah and from Long Island, NY, but I have family originally from Trinidad and Europe. Currently, I am a college senior graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science & Legal Studies (with a minor in Communications). My goal is to become an attorney, but to overall make an impact in others’ lives.

In my free time, I love to read books, write, and edit stories, watch movies, and spend time in nature. I also love getting involved in my community through volunteer opportunities with my college on-campus and remotely helping non-profits and business owners in any which way possible.

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