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Haminda Ojo

Haminda Ojo

Haminda Ojo

Hi everyone, my name’s Haminda (Ha-mee-dah) a current computer science student who is deeply committed to furthering my understanding of healthcare issues. I am proud to serve as an ambassador for CRPS, a disease that is often underrepresented and unrecognized. I often pride myself on being an empathetic person. With my main goals being to raise awareness and understanding of this condition. I have previously volunteered with UNICEF to aid people’s understanding of global issues of where originally from (Ireland). But with this new challenge I have hopes to widen understanding of CRPS specifically in the UK AND Ireland as this disease is sadly so unrepresented and unrecognized.  

 My identity as a Nigerian Irish girl allows me to relate to people from all over the world and I have always been passionate about building an inclusive and understanding environment.  

 For my hobbies, in my free time, I would say I indulge in my creative side, trying my best to show my ideas through true and honest work, ultimately bringing me to CRPS trying my best to raise awareness for CRPS and support Irish and British warriors! 

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