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International Resources

It is our pleasure to provide you and your families with as many INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES as possible for you and your families as you navigate CRPS whether you are a new patient or old school.  We all need support no matter how far along we are with this diagnosis.  Consider us your family now too.  Here are some resources that we have for you.  They are updated on a monthly, if not weekly basis.  So be sure to check back and as always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us!!



Romina Arena

Click the image above to listen to the song “Open Your Heart” that is officially licensed for the CRPS Warriors Foundation.

Singing for a Cure

Romina Arena is our official International Entertainment Ambassador and represents the CRPS Warriors Foundation as she is fluent in 11 languages, she has a very successful past in helping charitable organizations and most importantly she is also a CRPS Warrior who is struggling with Neurological problems. To learn more about Romina please visit her website at the link below. We are excited to have Romina and her team join the CWF Family and bring her incredible music to our CRPS Warriors Community.

Coaching - Physical & Nutrition

Coach Jordan and Coach Rudy

Jordan Simpson

Be Different Coaching
(714) 860-0123
Functional Fitness and Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching

As a fitness and nutrition coach, I may not have direct expertise in managing the specific challenges of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). However, I understand the profound impact it can have on your life and am committed to supporting any individual seeking a healthier lifestyle, regardless of their health conditions.

Here are some ways I can potentially help CRPS warriors:

Focus on Functional Movement: I can tailor exercise programs to your specific needs and limitations, prioritizing gentle, low-impact movements that promote flexibility, strength, and range of motion without exacerbating pain. This could include water workouts, yoga, adapted strength training, and walking with modifications.

Nutritional Guidance: I can work with you to create personalized nutrition plans that prioritize anti-inflammatory foods, focus on nutrient-dense options, and address any dietary restrictions or sensitivities you may have. This can help manage inflammation and support overall health and well-being.

Support and Community: I understand the importance of connection and support, especially for those living with chronic conditions. I can offer a non-judgmental space for you to share your experiences, ask questions, and connect with others who understand what you’re going through.

Discounts for CRPS Warriors: Absolutely! In recognition of the challenges faced by CRPS warriors, I would be happy to offer a 10% discount on all online coaching packages for members of the CRPS community. Simply mention your CRPS diagnosis during our initial consultation to access this discount. We will also keep you informed on any other promotions we run throughout the year.


Dr Claudio Paccanaro

Dr. Claudio Paccanaro

MTI CEO, CRPS Treatment Department Neridronate Infusions
Galleria Crispi 43, 36100 Vicenza – ITALY

He does not speak English, please contact:
1. Sandra Brankovic, patient care coordinator: +39 333 498 1157,
2. Ivana Trajkovic, patient care coordinator: +39 339 239 7405,

A dedicated email for your foundation:

Dr Rivadeneira

Dr. Rivadeneira

Torre Medica II Orini Hospital
Guayaquil, Ecuador 090150
+59 39-8960-6408

Peripheral nerve surgery and treatment in children and adults

Tanim Hamed

Dr. Tamim Hamed

Founder and CEO, Med Up
Alsuwayda, Syria
+96 399-292-0350

Online consultation, symptom management, psychological support, medication and treatment guidance, prevention strategies and online resources

Discount for CRPS Warriors





Healthcare Consultants


Janet Ewen

1 Roslyn Mews
County Durham

As a natural healthcare consultant, I help support and advise on natural alternatives for health issues, from pain management to emotional healthcare. Working with the purest certified essential oils to test-based nutrition to lower inflammation. We can all become our own holistic healers when we have the correct tools and support and education to research our own healthcare. I offer a 25% discount on all accounts and all commissions will go to the charity.


rosie gospel

Rosie Gospel

Occupational Therapist
Coolum Beach, Queensland, AU 4573
+61 404-305-110

Santiago Lopez

Santiago Lopez

Occupational Therapist
Morelia, Michoacan 58000
+52 44 3205 1700

Medical Supplies

Angie Poller

1/34 Paperbark Dve
Queensland 4306

More information on the Website

I design and make wearable hot/cold pain relief pads.

Welcome to a transformative era in pain management, where innovation meets wearability, adaptability, and a profound commitment to global well-being.

Cristina Wang

Cristina Wang

Prife International
9E E2, California Garden Square, Libertad Street.
Mandaluyong city, Manila, Philippines, 1550
How the device works & the benefits the device has on chronic pain: The iTeraCare TeraHertz device works by stimulating the body’s own natural healing processes. Through the use of low-frequency energy waves, the device helps to reduce inflammation and improve circulation in the areas that are affected by pain. The device is non-invasive, safe, and natural, and it has been clinically proven to reduce pain in a number of studies.

More information on the Website

Musical Therapy

Barbara Francescato

Receptive Music Therapy with guided relaxation and listening of music to reduce the perception of pain and as psychological and spiritual support.Individual or group sessionsOn line streaming sessionsZero Branco, Treviso, Italy

Mobile phone number: +39 347 38 47 709

Barbara PR
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