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Dr. Kanwal Saeed

Kanwal Saeed

Dr. Kanwal Saeed, MD.

Dr. Kanwal Saeed is an experienced pharmaceutical professional with a diverse therapeutic areas experience in different geographies. She has been with Pfizer and its subsidiary Upjohn for 10+ years. She is a trained physician by profession and holds an MBA. Kanwal’s main interests are to find solutions for better NCD management through identification of needs & gaps in the healthcare environment. To achieve this, she has led several projects catering to health care professionals’ education and skills development. She advocates for an inclusive healthcare system involving physicians, nurses, pharmacists, regulators, academia, patients, and/ or pharmaceutical industry.

Kanwal’s main strengths are responsibility, arranger, harmony, consistency, and discipline, based on Clifton Strength resource by Gallup. This signifies her potential in execution domain. She could “catch” an idea and make it a reality. Her being a part of CRPS team extends her ideology to support patients through various channels, utilizing her scientific expertise. One of other aims is to build a strong medical community in the foundation with a focus on growth and capability development.

Kanwal’s passion is to travel. She has been to 35 countries so far across the world. Healthy living and fitness are of big interest to her. Her day meets the goal when she hits the gym. Mind and body are intricately connected is what she believes in. She also loves to read psychology and understand human behaviours.

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