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Medical Equipment & Supplies

We all know how pain management with CRPS is a full-time job and comes with massive expenses as well. Outside of doctors, medications, physical therapy, and all we do for pain management, but we also depend on medical equipment and supplies in our treatment and therapy.

Patrick Keenan Headshot at pool

Patrick Keenan

Pulse Centers
1966 Felspar St Suite 1
San Diego, CA 92019



7721 145th St W
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Cristina Wang

Cristina Wang

Aide for wellness supplies
9E E2, California Garden Square, Libertad Street.
Mandaluyong city, Manila, Philippines, 1550

Sharik Peck, PT

Sharik Peck, PT

489 South 620 East
Smithfield, UT, 84335
P-(435) 760-8960
F-(435) 258-4545

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