Meet Our Board.

Your Board of Directors has been formed out of love for all affected by CRPS.

CEO and Founder Deborah Jankowski

Deborah Jankowski

CEO, President + Founder, Warrior, CA

Operations Director Lyndsay Soprano

Lyndsay Soprano

Board Member, Warrior, NV

Bound-by Marketing

Gary Blanton Public Relations Director

Gary Blanton

Entertainment + Events Director, NV

Shannon Linville Treasurer

Shannon Linville

Chief of Financial Operations, AZ

Karrie Stanger Travel Director

Karrie Stanger

Travel Director, UT

Martin Santos Secretary

Martin Santos

Secretary, CA

Resources Attorney Geraldine Ly

Geraldine Ly

Board Member, CA

Law Offices of Geraldine Ly

Doctors Shahin Sadik

Shahin A. Sadik, MD, Q.M.E.

Board Member, CA

Universal Pain Management

Dr. Daren Brooks

Dr. Daren Brooks

Board Member, UT

The Bridge Recovery Center

Meet Our Staff.

Our Staff means the world to all of us on the Board. We thank you for your love and support!

Jonathan Wells Community Director

Jonathan Wells

Community + Donations Director, SD

Amanda Wells Donations Ambassador

Amanda Wells

Donations Ambassador, SD

Leslie Lao Social Media Assistant

Leslie Lao

Social Media Director, NV

Sue Talman Lead International Ambassador

Sue Talman

Lead International Ambassador, Warrior, UK

Yesina Cantu PR Assistant

Yesina Cantu

Public Relations Assistant, Warrior, TX

Madeline Conroy International Ambassador

Madeline Conroy

International Ambassador, FL

Pete Koeppe Marketing Assistant

Pete Koeppe

Marketing Assistant, AZ

Serenity Frazier Public Relations Director

Serenity Frazier

Public Relations Director, WI

Larry Myers Social Media Assistant

Larry Myers, OH

Social Media Assistant

Linda Nicodemo

Linda Nicodemo, NV

Office Manager