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Rahma Hadjal

Rahma Ithar Hadjal

Rahma Ithar Hadjal

As the international ambassador in Italy on the website, I am writing to share my personal story with you and explain the reason for my presence, in the hope that you will allow us to assist you.

I am Ithar, a young Algerian woman who has traveled the world teaching English, gaining new experiences, and learning about various cultures. Before settling in Italy, I was enjoying the prime of my life. However, I was suddenly diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer called breast sarcoma. I underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and I experienced both physical and psychological pain. Every time I looked at my scars, I became melancholy and transformed from an extroverted, dynamic person into a more introverted and reserved individual. I lost my job and gained weight. It was not until I encountered the CRPS Warriors Foundation and learned about their work that I found purpose again. Inspired by their humanitarian mission, I decided to join the organization and offer support to those who, despite experiencing excruciating pain, continue to fight for their lives and never give up. I find this to be a truly admirable trait. It was through interacting with them that I came to understand that while I may be sick, I am not weak. Therefore, I would like to extend my assistance to you as well. If you come to Italy, we will ensure that you are well taken care of and have an unforgettable experience that may open the door to a new chapter in your life. Remember, you are not different; you are stronger.

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