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ruddy the mascot


CRPS Warriors Foundation’s new mascot, Ruddy, is inspired by a red panda known as an elf in the eastern Himalayas. Tribes regard the red panda as a guardian angel with luck and peaceful power.
As the red panda, Ruddy, CRPS Warriors Foundation is dedicated to guarding and supporting every warrior diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Meanwhile, the red panda is a life warrior who never shows weakness and always stands out to defend itself even when facing strong enemies.
CRPS warriors have the same optimistic attitude towards life-courage, confidence, dignity, and never giving up. Ruddy has dense, warm orange fur, which matches CRPS Warriors Foundation’s theme color and shows the strength of fire and unlimited energy. The fluffy ringed tail has four rings representing the initial letters of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The hug position embodies the warm-hearted and supportive nature of the CRPS Warriors Foundation.
Ruddy at the 2023 Mega-Mixer
Ruddy at the 2023 Mega-Mixer and our webmaster
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