First, let me start by saying how sorry we are that you are going through this. We will do what we can to help. 

The way our scholarship program works is, we offer anywhere from $1-$500 based on the need and availability of funds.

We only supply funding for CRPS Medically related needs.

We do not supply funding for rent, mortgage, car payments, food, utilities, etc.

Once we receive your contact information on what type of funding you’re looking for, we would send you a contract to sign. Once we receive the contract back, we will submit a check to the provider directly. This way we ensure you’re getting the treatment and the provider is getting paid for their services. You are eligible to apply for a scholarship one time in a 12-month period. ​

We also have the Sponsor a Warrior program where you can receive up to an additional $2500 and that is good whether you received a scholarship or not. Currently, there is a waiting list for the program.  

 If you can give me a little more information, like how much you need and who we would send the check to, we can then see how much we are able to offer at this time. 

Please note, that there may be a waiting list at times for the scholarship but we will ensure we get to you.

Complete and submit the form below for scholarship consideration: