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Brazilian author and lyricist Paulo Coelho once said “If pain must come, may it come quickly. Because I have a life to live, and I need to live it in the best way possible.”

For some, however, the pain they carry does not come quickly, but rather, is everlasting. In fact, it can be so severe and unending that they cannot live their lives to their fullest extent. This is the reality for those diagnosed with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.

Abbreviated as CRPS, it is a condition defined by chronic nerve pain brought about as a result of nerve injury. Some describe it as an uncontrollable and constant burning or stabbing pain, like pouring hot salsa on an open wound. Sadly, the nerve injury responsible for the pain currently has no known cure. Treatments to mask or mute the pain can include medication, physical therapy, nerve blocks and spinal cord stimulators, psychological treatment, and holistic approaches. However, these are expensive and often not covered by medical insurance.

While not everyone with CRPS will find relief from their pain, they are not alone in their battle with this debilitating condition. This is where you and CRPS Warriors Foundation (CWF) can help! Our foundation is dedicated to increasing awareness about CRPS and most importantly, supporting all of those battling this malicious illness.

CWF can offer scholarships and subsidies to treatment programs, supplement costs for medical treatment, and help fund durable medical equipment and items that provide comfort and improve mobility. None of this is possible though without your help. Your donation will go directly towards helping change the lives of others. Together, with your support and our resources, we can extend a ladder of rescue to those stuck in the pitfalls of pain.

We would be honored if you considered CWF in your giving plans this year. Please see the attached levels of sponsorship. But no donation is too small if you are unable to commit to these levels. CWF is a 501(C)(3), and 100 percent of your sponsorship is tax deductible.

don't allow your wounds to transform you into someone you are not

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