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Srujana M

Srujana Middepogu

Srujana Middepogu

I Believe in Being Positive and smiling no matter what the situation is. One quote that inspired me is “There is light at the end of the Tunnel.” I am from India currently residing in United Kingdom. I completed my bachelor’s in dental surgery and practiced for one year as a dentist. I am pursuing my Master’s in Global Healthcare Management aspiring to become a healthcare leader and bring a change in the service delivery.

When I am not occupied with studies, I enjoy reading books a lot, dancing around and cooking food to feed my loved Ones. I also love traveling so much. I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. All my life I dreamt about becoming a doctor and serving society. When I am in United Kingdom for my masters, I realized that I want to help people and give back to society more. I decided to volunteer and came across CRPS warriors Foundation, I remembered during my internship as a dentist I came across patients suffering with CRPS. I could not do much as I could only guide them to my seniors and medical professionals. As an International Ambassador for UK & India, I now want to help and dedicate the time I can assist people and educate them through the organization’s efforts.
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