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Taking Care of Maya

CRPS Warriors Foundation Applauds Netflix Documentary “Taking Care of Maya” for Shedding Light on CRPS, Highlights Ongoing Trial and Tragic Consequences (9/26/23) — The CRPS Warriors Foundation commends Netflix for its documentary, “Taking Care of Maya,” which sheds much-needed light on the often-overlooked condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). This documentary represents a significant step towards raising awareness and understanding about this rare but devastating condition.
CRPS, also known as the “suicide disease” due to the extreme chronic pain it inflicts, affects a small but significant portion of the population. Despite its rarity, CRPS is very real, and the challenges faced by individuals who battle this condition are both physically and emotionally demanding.
In conjunction with the release of the documentary, there is an ongoing trial in Florida that underscores the urgency of the issue. This trial is centered around the heartbreaking account of Maya Kowalski and her family, whose story was featured in Netflix’s “Taking Care of Maya” documentary. Maya’s family alleges that doctors at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital separated her from her family. Their ordeal highlights the tragic consequences of misdiagnosis and the devastating impact it can have on CRPS warriors and their families.
Maya, who is now 17, broke down in tears as she heard how her mother, Beata, took her own life after being denied permission to see her during the investigation of child abuse allegations. The trial also revealed that Maya’s family’s nightmare began when she sought help for complex regional pain syndrome at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in 2016. The family alleges that the hospital’s actions led to a tragic chain of events that culminated in Beata’s suicide.
The CRPS Warriors Foundation fully supports Maya and her family in their pursuit of justice. “Maya Kowalski’s story is a heartbreaking example of the challenges faced by CRPS warriors when their condition is misunderstood,” says Rania Ahmed, PR Director for CRPS Warriors Foundation. “This trial underscores the urgent need for better awareness and education about CRPS among medical professionals.”
The trial, which is expected to last approximately two months, is a pivotal moment for the CRPS community and highlights the importance of holding medical institutions accountable for their actions in cases involving rare and complex medical conditions like CRPS. The CRPS Warriors Foundation encourages its members, supporters, and the entire CRPS community to watch “Taking Care of Maya” on Netflix, share this powerful documentary with
friends and family, and stay informed about the ongoing trial. By doing so, we can collectively amplify the voices of CRPS warriors, advocate for greater awareness, support, and accountability, and work towards preventing similar tragedies in the future.
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PR Director, Rania Ahmed
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