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The Route 66 Virtual Challenge

The Route 66 Virtual Challenge: CRPS Warriors Foundation
Lace up your sneakers, dust off your bike, and get ready to hit the virtual road! The highly anticipated Route 66 Virtual Challenge kicks off on Friday, March 1st, offering fitness enthusiasts a unique opportunity to embark on a 2,280-mile (3,669km) journey along the iconic Route 66.
Participants in the Route 66 Virtual Challenge will engage in distance-based exercises such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, and more, as they progress along the map of Route 66. With each workout logged, participants advance on the interactive map, bringing them one step closer to
conquering the entire distance.
“We’re thrilled to offer fitness enthusiasts a fun and engaging way to stay active while virtually traveling along Route 66,” said Rania Ahmed, Public Relations director. “Our private community provides a supportive environment where participants can motivate each other and celebrate their
achievements along the way.”
In addition to the physical and mental benefits of staying active, participants will have the opportunity to earn a stunning medal upon completing the Route 66 Virtual Challenge.
“We’re grateful to our sponsors for their support in making this event possible,” added Deborah
Jankowski, CEO. “Their generosity has helped us create an unforgettable experience for
The Route 66 Virtual Challenge is proud to announce the following participants and sponsors:

• Jennifer (sponsor Kyle Hartfield)
• Kristin (sponsor Kyle Hartfield)
• Charlie (sponsor Geraldine Ly)
• Kenneth (sponsor Dr. Kanwal Saeed)
• Jordan (sponsor Zach Brady)
• Angela (sponsor Jordan Simpson)
• Christine (sponsor Quinn Guiteras)
• Brittany (sponsor Tom Grimes)
• Brooklyn (sponsor Laura Bender)
• Shawnda (sponsor Neda Aguirre)
• Lannette (sponsor Robert Korpas)
• Kari (sponsor Shannon Anderson)
• Chele (sponsor Dr. Briana Ovbude)
• Kayleigh (sponsor Dean Dexter)
To coincide with the start of the challenge, a Give Butter campaign will be launched on March 1st,
offering participants additional incentives to stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals.
For more information and to join the Route 66 Virtual Challenge, visit
and follow us on all social media platforms.
Rania Ahmed
Public Relations Director
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